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The rupestral sites of engravings of the province of Tata have private interest in more than one way rupestral grouping of the Kingdom (more than 114 sites). The sites of Tata are Imaoun, Tiggane, Oum the leg and Adrar Metgourine. These sites offer a variety and a diversity of rupestral engravings of all the various times of this Article. However the site of Imaoun located at 30 Kms in the north of Akka deserves an special attention. Indeed, in addition to the representations of Bovidae, this site contains dominant impressive geometrical engravings: concentric circles and spirals, as well as anthropomorphic figures He thus testifies to a great human movement which the province had known for more than 9000 years. Archaeological sites of engravings in the open air exist in various areas of the province of Tata. They are concentrations of lithic tools manufactured by the prehistoric man in various faces and according to varied techniques.