Tata Southern Morocco


Tata or the Pink City is a green oasis in Southern Moroccan and one of the popular tourist destinations in kingdom, a charming location between Anti-Atlas and the desert dunes. This village is recognized by its beautiful Ksour its archaeological heritage and artisanal richness in pottery and jewelry. Tata is sheltered by Berber recognizable by their traditional dress: blue skirts and black veil; you can also distinguish the Bedouin with their colorful clothes.



The origins of the residents of the province of TATA are complex and diverse. The province was inhabited by the Amazigh tribes and sedentary and nomadic Arabs. TATA contains a very rich archaeological heritage showing a prodigious civilization which radiated for millennia. Sultan Mansur ed-Dehebi, from the sixteenth century used it as a stronghold against the expansion of the house of Tazeroualt and the threat that it posed to the central government and also as one of the bases were needed north of the Sahara for its conquest of the Sudan.


The province of Tata is characterized by the richness and the diversity of its craft industry in the urban centres like in the rural communes and even the douars. The carpets of the area are characterized by a finer texture, the intensity and the heat of their colors in the prolongation of the High Atlas (Ouaouzguit Has) whereas in the other areas the carpets are often of long wool coloured with a simple linear decoration (rhombus, right-angled triangle…) .

  • Agadir - Tata 330 km
  • Marrakesh - Tata 430 km
  • Ouarzazate -Tata 300 km
  • Guelmim -Tata 280 km
  • Tafraoute -Tata 200 km
  • Taroudant Tata 200 km
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pottery in Tata

The pottery, the principal producing workshops are located at Agadir Ouzrou (Akka), Tighrent (Tata) (Akka Igherm), semi Tissint and Argue (Tlite).

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Basket making

Basket making also constitutes one of the female artisanal main activities of the province. The materials used are primarily the fibres of palm and the stems of the vegetations which push along the rivers. The principal products are: basket, dishes, plates, plaits… one finds this craft industry in all the communes of the province.

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The jewellery

the province of TOUCHED is characterized by its jewellery which meets the needs for the especially local population. The principal products are the silver jewels and the daggers which sell primarily on the places of the weekly souks.