Tata & Anti atlas


Around the Douar Indfiane and our B&B Dar Infiane, you will be able to enjoy : • walks through the palmeraie, • an ancient water clock, still used as the main water management tool for the palmeraie and which captures the socio-economic rules followed for centuries • Caves and dry water falls of Oued Tata, • « agadirs », buildings used as storage for the community, • archaeological sites with prehistoric drawings dating from 9000 à 1500 years BC, and various interesting and beautiful drives around palmeraies, gorges and valleys of the Anti Atlas. You will also be able to experience the true desert space, colours, silence… by staying at our encampment in Akka Nait Sidi/ Tissint, 70 kms North of Tata. We will be pleased to provide you with all the necessary information on the encampment from Dar Infiane. Shall you require lunches, a guide for the area, a 4*4 (from Tata) … for your excursions, we will be able to provide them to you. Finally, conscious and aware of the local environmental constraints to be respected, we have developed a variety of principles and practices that wan us our ‘Clef Verte’ (ethical ‘ecological Key’ of the Association des Maisons d’Hotes du Maroc’ organised and delivered by the Fondation Mohamed VI), illustrating our wish to maintain an ethical and environmentally friendly form of tourism.