Associations AkkaNait Sidi

Our associative actions in Akka and Tata

Our activities at Dar Infiane and at the Akka Nait Sidi encampment are accompanied by a number of other involvements in associations’ initiatives, at national, regional and local levels: s • Focus on local development with the Association de Developpement d’Akka Nait Sidi to enhance the participation of local communities in socio-economic development initiatives; • Regional focus with the Conseil Régional de Tourisme, C R T Guelmim Es Smara to improve the integration of inter-regional and inter-provincial information • National focus with the CRT of Guelmim Es Smara, the Association des Maison d’hôtes, AMHMS, with the co-ordination of the Programme Oasis Sud (P.O.S), the Agence pour le Développement des Provinces du Sud, (A.D.P.S), the Office National Marocain du Tourisme, (O.N.M.T), and the Fédération Nationale du Tourisme (F.N.T.), … in an attempt to promote and protect this magnificent region.