Tata: a green oasis among the sand dunes

Tata oasis

It in the beginning a spontaneous vegetable formation is always associated with the hairy silhouette of the palm trees - date palms. Emerging in the middle of an arid landscape or to the foot of a desert mountain, the oasis is an haven of peace and of silence where the sharp green of the pieces of vegetables and cereals is combined in the beneficial shade of the fruit trees and the presence of the water which runs along narrow ground drains. Originating in Arabia the date palm belongs to the most primitive group of palm trees appeared 100 million years ago it can reach 30 m in height, the sheets and the palms live 4 to 5 years before being desiccated. There exist male trees and females both flower in March and April and natural fecundation is ensured by the wind. Palm tree all is used: the palms are used of fuel, breeze wind, to make plaits, pieces of furniture and basket making. The wood of the trunks is dug to be used of gutters and beams for the roofs.